Completed Projects with Bid Tabulations (Partial List)


Alex Water System Improvements (Contract #1)

Alex Water System Improvements (Contract #2-4)

Alex Test Well

Chattanooga Water System Improvements

Faxon Existing Tank Removal

City of Frederick – Street Project

Comanche County RWD #2 – Water System Improvements

Town of Davidson-Hackberry Flat Water Line

Devol Sewer System Rehab

Devol Waterline Improvements

The Enclave – Site Grading Plan

Town of Faxon – Water Tank

Fletcher PWA – Water Tank

Town of Hastings, Consolidated RW & SD #1-Waterline Improvements

Hollister Sewer Line Rehab

Hydro Water Well

Indiahoma – Clean and Paint the Existing Water Storage Tank

Indiahoma SSS Improvements (2-01-07)

Indiahoma Sanitary Sewer System Improvements (05-31-07)

Indiahoma Sanitary Sewerline Improvements (05-01-03)

Indiahoma Water System Improvements

Lawton Public Schools-Cameron Stadium Parking

Lawton Public Schools-Central Jr. High School Ball Fields

Lawton Public Schools – Lincoln Elementary School Paving

Medicine Park Sewer System Rehab (CDBG)

Medicine Park – Waterline Improvements, Segment C

Medicine Park PWA – Water System Improvements

Medicine Park Sewer System Rehab

Randlett to Devol Waterline

Snyder Bridge Replacement

Snyder PWA – 6th Street Sewerline

Snyder Street Paving 1-13-05

Snyder US 183 Water Line & Sewer Line Relocation

Town of Snyder Street Paving 2-15-07

Stephens County Commissioners-Handicap Ramp, Parking & Sidewalks

Stephens County Commissioners-Sidewalk Construction and Roof Drains

Sterling Clean and Paint Existing Storage Tank

Sterling Waterline Improvements

Sutton/Rumbaugh Sanitary Sewerline

Town of Tipton Waterline Improvements

Tipton Waterline Improvements

Tipton PWA – Sewer System Improvements

US 70 Waterline Relocation – Consolidated RW & SD #1

Manitou – Water System Improvements

Davidson РWater System Improvements РStandpipe 

Sterling SH-17 Water Line Relocation

Chattanooga-Wastewater Treatment Facility (Total Retention Lagoon) Cell No. 4 & 5